If dogs ruled the World.

Is Elon Musk leading a technocratic revolution with…..dogs?

Doge Coin with the help of Musk is now worth more than Twitter.

And now another canine emerges on the Ethereum network known as

Akita Inu.

[4/20/2021], The moon.

Yesterday I got to feel what it felt like to make real money.

Akita Inu soared and soared, up 3000% for the week. Unreal gains.

Yet, part of me wonders if this is nothing but pure luck? Or is this something more?

What if Elon could use these doggie coins to fight back against monetary oppression in the world…

We already know Elon will do whatever it takes to fast track humanity and technology. Inefficient money would be the first thing on my hit list if I were him.

And then it hit me…

These tokens aren’t a vehicle for speculation anymore, it’s not about a use case or a groundbreaking technology. Although blockchain is a specific technology, this wont be a technological revolution, it will be a cultural one.

These tokens are a communal investment opportunity.

It’s literally an investment into a decentralized community of like minded and motivated individuals.

So, what's the motivation?…

Akita Inu’s wallet holders increased at an exponential rate, along with its Twitter following and Telegram group.

As wallet holders increase the price of a fixed assets floor will rise, the early investors of the community will see exponential gains as market cap increases. Akita currently has 16,340 wallet holders, while doge has millions. So it’s still early.

Once an asset reaches what’s called “escape velocity” it loses the ability to fall under a certain price “floor” as long as holders stay solvent. That’s the motto “HODL”.

The motivation is to hold and force this market psychology to play out in a natural way, the community will use its newly acquired wealth to fund itself and increase awareness, further extrapolating the effect.

Slowly but surely, and over the years, the community will continue to grow itself and its traditions and most importantly, its meme collection.

It’s certain now that these new dog coins will have a future part to play in this crypto revolution.

“Arguably the most entertaining outcome, the most ironic outcome, would be that Dogecoin becomes the currency of Earth of the future,”
-Elon Musk.

and if it did, the other dog(e)gies wouldn’t be too far behind.




Decentralized social media meets decentralized finance.

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Akita Inu

Akita Inu

Decentralized social media meets decentralized finance.

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